11 thoughts on “Women and ICT

  1. Despite the fact that ICT is offering a candid platform for a great deal of creativity where information systems development is concerned, we still have very few women joining the discipline. I think some deem the discipline of ICT to be too technical, but in reality, the software side of things is not.

    1. I guess maybe advertisement of ICT products and services, could include some women, in order to send the message across, that it is not only for men.

  2. I think the main reason why the gap between the number of women in ICT and men in ICT is so big has to do with socialization of humans.
    Women from their young age are brought up to be more careful, kind, tidy while men are brought up to be tough, strong, able to make decisions so this has led to men doing more tough jobs or handicrafts (soldier, police officer, electrician,…)but women are more into softer/attention demanding jobs (nurse, midwife, stewardess,…)

    Why was ICT created in the first place and by who was it ran??
    ICT started during a war, it was used to communicate with people far from each other. For a big majority of people at that time and still today a woman should have nothing to do with some job sectors like war so it was mainly ran by men. And this mentality has stayed in some peoples head until today but hopefully the mentalities are changing.

  3. Sexism in our society…women are encouraged to be passive, and ICT is a field where it is led by determined, and active people.

    1. So what can be done to encourage women to be determined and active, though let us not forget that some are very determined individuals?

  4. If you think of all the much famous people in ICT ,it is more likely to be men. ICT inventors are usually men, ICT technicians are usually men, etc. I think women are really discouraged by this. There’s not many famous women in ICT that women can be inspired or motivated by. There may be some women who have achieved great things in ICT but they aren’t recognised as much. I think society gives more recognition to men rather than women.

  5. I believe women may be less interested in the field of ICT because of the history that it is surrounded by. Men have been recognised in various aspects of the field, from Alan Kay to Bill Gates, amongst the many names linked with ICT, there are not many female names for credit to be given present. Women like Susan Kare or Grace Hopper, you would have thought perhaps paved the way or supposedly influenced more females to join the field of ICT but that does not seem to be the case. I believe more women would join the field of ICT if they were to perhaps see their own gender flourishing in the field.

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