Getting the best out of ICT in Africa

I constantly ask myself why there is still very little penetration of a more robust and sustainable ICT infrastructure, particularly in Tanzania where I am currently based, to speed up and facilitate banking transactions, as well as normal daily electronic communication activities. What can be done?


4 thoughts on “Getting the best out of ICT in Africa

  1. You could have more Wi-Fi hotspots, free of charge. This will enable more people to access the internet with as little costs as possible.

  2. The governments in Africa could subsidies the devices such as computers and provide quality internet connection all around Africa

  3. The general development of ICT in Africa would have to start with a whole revamp of the current ICT infrastructure and moving this into more isolated places. The problem right now in Tanzania is that there is hardly an ICT infrastructure to begin with. Hardly any Tanzanians connect to Tanzanian websites and hardly anyone in Tanzania is an”internet-preneur “. The government should start offering free quality internet connection to areas to improve internet connectivity and ICT should be more widely taught to reduce the digital divide. More people should be encouraged to look into ICT as a career.

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